23 March 2010

Kamen Rider Stronger


1. I am the Electric Human Stronger
2. The Secret of Stronger and Tackle
3. The Thriller House Calls for Children
4. The Demonic Motorbike Reckless Driving Operation
5. Black Satan's School Lunch
6. The Jellyfish Machine Monster Who Took the Form of a Teacher
7. Rider Great Reversal
8. Don't Melt, Rider! The Final Blow, Electro-Kick
9. The Band of Demons Has Come
10. The Frightful Gummer Bug! It Targets Humans
11. Chameleorn! Demonic Film
12. Duel! Stronger's Grave
13. The One-Eyed Titan! The Final Counter Attack
14. The Appearance of Enigmatic Chief Executive Shadow
15. Shadow's Trump That Calls Death
16. The Bloodsucking Bubunger's Demonic Present
17. Ghost Story: The Demonic Easter
18. Ghost Story: The Bottomless Swamp
19. Ghost Story: The Cursed Old Castle
20. The Great Scary Desert! Two Toubeis
21. Sharkshark Island, Decisive Battle in the Sea
22. Rider Execution at 12:00
23. The Devil of the Underground Kingdom
24. Bizarre! The Unmanned Train Runs
25. Don't Die!! Shigeru Jou in the Electric Chair
26. Seen!! The Great Leader's True Identity
27. Remodelled Majin! The Delzer Army Appears
28. Oh! Stronger...into Small Pieces
29. The Curse of Majin Kate's Blood
30. Goodbye, Tackle! Her Last Activity
31. Stronger's Great Remodelling
32. Deadly! Super Electro Three-Stage Kick
33. Stronger Dies in the Full Moon
34. The Snake Woman's Bloodsucking Hell
35. The Man Who Returned! The Name is V3
36. Three Riders Vs. The Powerful Delzer Army
37. Riders Captured! Long Live Delzer
38. Appearance! Riders #1, #2
39. Goodbye! The Glorious Seven Riders
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